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Ilchi Pilchi

Crayons with Penguin Activity Kit

Crayons with Penguin Activity Kit

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Age: 3 years to 7 years


  • Packaging: Soft canvas pouch
  • 5 Penguin Storybooks: Nestling, Body, Earth, Lifestyle, and Family (25 penguin facts)
  • 1 Scrapbook with activities: personalisation, comparison with animal, recall, math and logic
  • 3 wall art: use the crayons to colour in the penguins 
  • Stickers
  • 9 crayons 
  • Each crayon has seeds attached in an enclosed capsule
  • 9 types of seeds 
  • The box can be reused to store items or to grow a plant 

Start your adventure 

  • Read the storybooks to know your friend, Penguin better 
  • When doing the scrapbook activities, look for clues in the storybooks 
  • Compare yourself to your friend. Are you similar? 
  • Finally, be creative with the wall art  
  • Click a picture of your coloured in wall art and tag @ilchipilchi so we can show off your talent to the world! 
  • Once finished, plant the crayon (seed part) into soil or coco peat
  • Watch it grow from a sapling to a plant


  • Improves vocabulary
  • Improves memory
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Improves concentration
  • Improves creativity
  • Develops a sense of responsibility 
  • Develops fine motor skills 


  • Canvas Pouch: 7 inches x 7 inches 
  • Storybooks: 3.5 inches x 5.75 inches 
  • Scrapbook: 3.5 inches x 5.75 inches 
  • Stickers: 6 inches x 6 inches 
  • Wall Art: 5 inches x 5 inches 
  • Penguin packaging box: 6.5 inches x 8 inches x 1 inch 
  • Crayon Box: 4.25 inches x 2.25 inches 
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  • Reusable and Sustainable!

  • Boosts Analytical Thinking!

  • FUN!

Why animals? Because research insists that connecting with animals develops a higher sense of empathy for living beings. But we really dislike the preachy stuff. We like rhymes and we like puzzles. We enjoy creating and we love winning at games. Stickers are our favourite too!

  • Priya S ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Our activity book is a hit with kids! Packed with fun and learning, it'll keep them entertained for hours.

  • Janath K ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    My kids can't stop playing with it!!

  • Merlin P ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Great PRODUCT fast delivery! Children love it

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